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Marcus and Sleeping

I think we may have created a situation with Marcus

The past couple of weeks have been rather strange when it comes to his sleeping habits. It may have started sometime around the point when we were giving him cold medicine (just Tylenol/pseudoehpedrine combination) to help him with his cold.
We'll give him his night bottle around 9pm, give or take a few minutes, having given him the cold medicine. He'll suck down the formula, and fight off sleep. He'll shift positions, etc, trying to get comfortable. Most often than not, it will take Colleen coming in and snuggling up with him and he'll nod out. We let him cook for 10-15 minutes, then move him to the crib. Most often than not, this will be between 10 and 11pm.
So, anywhere between (at least by my observations) 11pm and 4am, he will wake up at some point, and just start crying. I get up, and see if he has his pacifier in his mouth. If he doesn't I put it in and try to lay him down (since putting that in has acted like a switch in the recent past -- put it in and he'll collapse like a house of cards. If he does, well, there's a problem. I change him and bring him into the bed with us, where he'll nod out after a little while.
And he usually stays with us until morning.
Now, speaking as new parents, I do have to say that this is getting old.
The past couple of nights, we tried just straight Tylenol, since he's teething. Nope, still woke up, and in bed with us.
Last night, straight Tylenol again, but this time I had an idea. I cleared off the futon that's in his room (in couch mode... this is also the "family guest" bed), lay down on it and had him settle on my chest. He loves happing that way. He tossed a couple of times but soon fell into a relaxing nap. I had to get up for the loo after a while, so I put him in his crib, making sure he was still asleep. After a minute, he was up and crying again, so back in bed with us.

We're sort of at a loss as to what to do here. I'm approaching the point where I think that maybe a half-hit of Benadryl will help him right now. There's a slight chance he may become hyper with it though, but he hasn't exhibited that kind of behaviour with it before.
While we want him to be able to sleep all night in his crib, we also don't want him up all night crying his head off.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anecdotes? Helpful stories?

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