pfloyd, the Floydian Slip (pfloyd) wrote in worcesterparent,
pfloyd, the Floydian Slip


Greetings to the small list here. Hopefully it will grow.
A good number of you know us already, but I'll still make the usual entrance.

My name is Adam, though on here most know me as pfloyd.
Colleen is my wife, aka silvara77.
On 5 May 2005, after an ordeal that shook the foundations of quite a few people (those who don't know the story can ask, I will retell it here), we welcomed the arrival of Marcus, the cute cub you see in the icon here.
To quote The Who, he's a real good lookin' boy. We love it when he smiles at us.
We just can't believe he'll be ten weeks old this coming Friday. It's almost like we can't think of a time when he wasn't around. That's how much of an impact he's made with us.

Well, enough gushing and all that for now.
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